Build Kubernetes Operators in Java without hassle

Whether you want to build applications that operate themselves or provision infrastructure from Java code, Kubernetes Operators are the way to go. This SDK will make it easy for Java developers to embrace this new way of automation. The java-operator-sdk is based on the fabric8 Kubernetes client.

Latest News

18.1.2021 - Version 1.7.0 released!

This version marks another important step in bringing the Kubernetes Operator paradigm to the land of Java and the JDK. 1.7.0 brings big improvements in 3 areas:

Better Custom Resource classes - Thanks to upgrading to the latest and greatest version of the fabric8 client we get much reduced boilerplate code. Metadata annotations move from the Controller to Custom Resource class leading to more intuitive configuration.


Generalized event system - a Controller can be invoked because of events happening not only to the Custom Resource it manages, but also to dependent resources. These dependent resources might be Kubernetes objects or anything else (e.g. an RDS database created by the Operator). You can implement your own EventSource for any events needed and it will all be handled by the system seamlessly while avoiding concurrency issues.


Full integration with the Quarkus framework - For those who like building cloud native Java apps with Quarkus, we now provide full support in the form of a Quarkus extension. This means effortless Docker image building, fast startup time and native executable compilation our of the box.



Why build your own Operator?



We are a friendly team of Java and Kubernetes enthusiasts and welcome everyone to contribute in any way to the framework! Get in touch either on GitHub or our Discord server, we are always happy to chat and help you find the right issue to get started. Feel free to stop by for questions, comments or just saying hi. We have a code of conduct which we strictly enforce, as well as issues marked for new joiners.

We are also supporting #HacktoberFest and have several issues marked as good candidates to pick up during the event.

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