Migrating from v1 to v2

Migrating from v1 to v2

Migrating from v1 to v2

Version 2 of the framework introduces improvements, features and breaking changes for the APIs both internal and user facing ones. The migration should be however trivial in most of the cases. For detailed overview of all major issues until the release of v2.0.0 see milestone on GitHub . For a summary and reasoning behind some naming changes see this issue

User Facing API Changes

The following items are renamed and slightly changed:

  • ResourceController interface is renamed to Reconciler . In addition, methods:
    • createOrUpdateResource renamed to reconcile
    • deleteResource renamed to cleanup
  • Events are removed from the Context of Reconciler methods . The rationale behind this, is that there is a consensus now on the pattern that the events should not be used to implement a reconciliation logic.
  • The init method is extracted from ResourceController / Reconciler to a separate interface called EventSourceInitializer that Reconciler should implement in order to register event sources. The method has been renamed to prepareEventSources and should now return a list of EventSource implementations that the Controller will automatically register. See also sample for usage.
  • EventSourceManager is now an internal class that users shouldn’t need to interact with.
  • @Controller annotation renamed to @ControllerConfiguration
  • The metrics use reconcile, cleanup and resource labels instead of createOrUpdate, delete and cr, respectively to match the new logic.

Event Sources

  • Addressing resources within event sources (and in the framework internally) is now changed from .metadata.uid to a pair of .metadata.name and optional .metadata.namespace of resource. Represented by ResourceID.

The Event API is simplified. Now if an event source produces an event it needs to just produce an instance of this class.

  • EventSource is refactored, but the changes are trivial.

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