Migrating from v3 to v3.1

Migrating from v3 to v3.1

Migrating from v3 to v3.1

ReconciliationMaxInterval Annotation has been renamed to MaxReconciliationInterval

Associated methods on both the ControllerConfiguration class and annotation have also been renamed accordingly.

Workflows Impact on Managed Dependent Resources Behavior

Version 3.1 comes with a workflow engine that replaces the previous behavior of managed dependent resources. See Workflows documentation for further details. The primary impact after upgrade is a change of the order in which managed dependent resources are reconciled. They are now reconciled in parallel with optional ordering defined using the ‘depends_on’ relation to define order between resources if needed. In v3, managed dependent resources were implicitly reconciled in the order they were defined in.

Garbage Collected Kubernetes Dependent Resources

In version 3 all Kubernetes Dependent Resource implementing Deleter interface were meant to be also using owner references (thus garbage collected by Kubernetes). In 3.1 there is a dedicated GarbageCollected interface to distinguish between Kubernetes resources meant to be garbage collected or explicitly deleted. Please refer also to the GarbageCollected javadoc for more details on how this impacts how owner references are managed.

The supporting classes were also updated. Instead of CRUKubernetesDependentResource there are two:

Use the one according to your use case. We anticipate that most people would want to use CRUDKubernetesDependentResource whenever they have to work with Kubernetes dependent resources.

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