Migrating from v2 to v3 #

Version 3 introduces some breaking changes to APIs, however the migration to these changes should be trivial.

Reconciler #

  • Reconciler can throw checked exception (not just runtime exception), and that also can be handled by ErrorStatusHandler.
  • cleanup method is extracted from the Reconciler interface to a separate Cleaner interface. Finalizers only makes sense that the Cleanup is implemented, from now finalizer is only added if the Reconciler implements this interface (or has managed dependent resources implementing Deleter interface, see dependent resource docs).
  • Context object of Reconciler now takes the Primary resource as parametrized type: Context<MyCustomResource>.
  • ErrorStatusHandler result changed, it functionally has been extended to now prevent Exception to be retried and handles checked exceptions as mentioned above.

Event Sources #

  • Event Sources are now registered with a name. But utility method is available to make it easy to migrate to a default name.
  • InformerEventSource constructor changed to reflect additional functionality in a non backwards compatible way. All the configuration options from the constructor where moved to InformerConfiguration . See sample usage in WebPageReconciler .
  • PrimaryResourcesRetriever was renamed to SecondaryToPrimaryMapper
  • AssociatedSecondaryResourceIdentifier was renamed to PrimaryToSecondaryMapper
  • getAssociatedResource is now renamed to get getSecondaryResource in multiple places