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Aug 25, 2021


Mostly infrastructure updates and dependencies:

  • Added maven wrapper for better reproductibility
  • Updated formatter plugin
  • Updated dependency management in POM file
  • Fix #434
  • Now exit Operator if no controller is registered
Aug 17, 2021


  • Updated dependencies, most notably fabric8’s Kubernetes client to version 5.7.0
  • Fixes #488
  • Fixes #489
Aug 03, 2021


  • Updated dependencies
  • Improved logging message at startup to mention SDK to avoid confusion
  • Improved missing CRD detection
  • Make eventSourceDeRegisteredForResource a default method #470
Aug 02, 2021


This release features the following changes:

  • Upgrade to Fabric8 Kubernetes Client 5.6.0 which features numerous improvements
  • Add the ability to use a predicate to identify which CRs should be reconciled #430
  • Logging improvements
  • A new website for https://javaoperatorsdk.io

Thank you to @loredanamoanga @lburgazzoli @laxmikantbpandhare @teszes for their contributions!

Jun 18, 2021


  • Fixes potentially long shutdown time #436
  • Makes it easier to detect missing CRD #432
  • Fail if a controller requests to watch the current namespace but the client cannot assert it #433
Jun 01, 2021


  • Extract the Spring Boot starters to their own repositories. IMPORTANT: moving forward, these starters will not be automatically kept in sync with the core SDK anymore unless we can find a maintainer for them.
    • https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/operator-framework-spring-boot-starter
    • https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/operator-framework-spring-boot-starter-test
  • Update to fabric8 client 5.4.1
  • Add possibility to configure termination timeout #421
  • Make it possible to not automatically add finalizers #415
  • Simplify wiring of event sources
  • Make it possible to retrieve parent ConfigurationService from ControllerConfiguration
  • Configure the ObjectMapper at the ConfigurationService level
Apr 29, 2021


  • Add lifecycle hooks to EventSource #368
  • Update to fabric8 kubernetes-client 5.3.1

More details and older releases are available on GitHub