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Nov 24, 2021


What’s Changed

  • chore(deps): bump formatter-maven-plugin from 2.16.0 to 2.17.0 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/644
  • docs: link for basic operator articles by @csviri in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/643
  • fix: use close as destroyMethod of Bean by @KimDoubleB in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/645
  • docs: finalizers and best braticies page by @csviri in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/647
  • fix: typo in docs by @csviri in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/649
  • fix: jekyll build warning with highlighter by @csviri in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/650
  • chore(deps): bump auto-service from 1.0 to 1.0.1 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/652
  • docs: createOrUpdate vs delete by @csviri in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/663
  • docs: retry + reschedule by @csviri in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/670
  • chore(deps): bump micrometer-core from 1.7.5 to 1.7.6 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/674
  • chore(deps): bump micrometer-core from 1.7.6 to 1.8.0 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/675
  • Add tomcat operator sample by @adam-sandor in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/659
  • Prepare for upgrade to fabric8 5.10 by @metacosm in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/656
  • chore(deps): bump junit from 4.13.1 to 4.13.2 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/679
  • chore(deps): bump container-tools/kind-action from 1.5.0 to 1.7.0 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/680
  • chore(deps): bump spring-boot.version from 2.5.6 to 2.5.7 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/689
  • chore(deps): bump spring-boot.version from 2.5.7 to 2.6.0 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/692
  • chore(deps-dev): bump mockito-core from 4.0.0 to 4.1.0 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/691

New Contributors

  • @KimDoubleB made their first contribution in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/645

Full Changelog: https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/compare/v1.9.11…v1.10.0

Oct 29, 2021


What’s Changed

  • docs: webpage docs skeleton by @csviri in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/631
  • Fixes by @metacosm in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/638

Full Changelog: https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/compare/v1.9.10…v1.9.11

Oct 28, 2021


This release addresses a critical issue where controllers would not receive events anymore after a watch timeout

What’s Changed

  • Restart event handler by @metacosm in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/632

Full Changelog: https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/compare/v1.9.9…v1.9.10

Oct 27, 2021


What’s Changed

  • feature: improvements on reschedule by @csviri in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/587
  • refactor: Allow creating an Operator without a KubernetesClient insta… by @iocanel in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/584
  • chore: renaming vars named k8sClient to kubernetsClient by @iocanel in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/582
  • chore(deps): bump jandex-maven-plugin from 1.1.1 to 1.2.1 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/592
  • chore(deps-dev): bump mockito-core from 3.12.4 to 4.0.0 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/591
  • feature: Build PRs on v2 by @csviri in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/589
  • chore(ci): use Java 17 by @metacosm in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/559
  • chore: add generics to PostExecutionControl to reduce IDEs noise by @lburgazzoli in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/594
  • chore: polish the junit5 extension by @lburgazzoli in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/593
  • chore(deps): bump micrometer-core from 1.7.4 to 1.7.5 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/606
  • Fix re-schedule generics by @csviri in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/614
  • chore(deps): bump spring-boot.version from 2.5.5 to 2.5.6 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/617
  • chore(deps): bump awaitility from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 by @dependabot in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/620
  • fix: prevent double registration of same CR with different controllers by @metacosm in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/627

New Contributors

  • @iocanel made their first contribution in https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/pull/584

Full Changelog: https://github.com/java-operator-sdk/java-operator-sdk/compare/v1.9.8…v1.9.9

Oct 05, 2021


  • Extracted micrometer into its own module so that users not interested in metrics don’t need to carry micrometer’s dependencies #576
  • Event handler shouldn’t fire events when being shut down #578
  • Add event filtering so that events can be filtered before reaching the controller #404
  • Make it easier to reschedule events from UpdateControl #568
  • Add informer-based InformerEventSource
Sep 24, 2021


  • Added JUnit 5 extension #545
  • Improve TimerEventSource support #293
  • Make it easier to override ConfigurationService values #542
  • Use only one ExecutorService instead of one per controller #540
  • Monitor cache size using micrometer
  • Fix invalid throwing of MissingCRDException #552
  • Minor fixes and dependency updates
Sep 02, 2021


Mutliple improvements setting the stage for future changes!

  • Initial support for metrics using micrometer #64, thanks @laxmikantbpandhare
  • Made it possible to limit watched CRs based on labels #453, thanks @lburgazzoli
  • Improvements to how controllers and their associated configuration are handled internally, fixing #514

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